Wanna make your loved ones smile with unique love tokens?  Handmade by Enamoroo is here!

Hep Hep, handmade wooden robot

You don’t need much to brighten the day of the people you love the most!  A little note in a pretty card, a nicely wrapped little gift… Small tokens of affection, filled to the brim with feelings of love, tenderness, shared happiness…

What if we moved away from mass-produced gifts that we find in triplicate under the tree, or impersonal greeting cards with the same kitten as on the 1987 Post Office calendars?

What if we offered real thoughtful, unique, personalized gifts? Love-filled gifts, which will make the eyes of your loved-ones sparkle with joy? Little treasures, designed to last, that will make them smile every time they see them, for many years to come?

In the Enamoroo Shop, you will find unique greeting cards and gifts, handmade with love, by us, in France, Alsace.

More than just a gift, an Enamoroo creation is a love token specially designed to show your loved ones how much you care about them.

Beautiful materials, meticulous workmanship, pretty details, unique creations, numbered and signed, or personalized… everything we do is aimed at helping you offer the BEST EVER gift that will touch their hearts!

personalized greeting cards, handmade in France

Enamoroo creations are always original! You won’t find them anywhere else! We use our own illustrations, our own patterns.

We love Handmade, and we amp it up to the max!

The drawings on the illustrated cards, the design of the paper cards and gifts, the dried flowers… even the packaging are homemade!

Mini Hep, handcrafted wooden robot with dried flowers or picture holder

Our wooden creations Hep Hep, Mini Hep, and Frigolin the penguin are original creations. We invented them, we created our own prototypes and we make them ourselves, by hand, without any power tools. Even the Frigolin dyes are homemade! Each piece is unique, numbered, and signed!

Woodburned gifts are engraved by hand, not with a laser engraver, and it gives them this unique charm and this lovely texture!

Enamoroo puts the HAND in HANDMADE.

But what about YOU? We sure didn’t forget about you!

In this busy, fast-paced life, time flies by and it can be a struggle to take good care of our most precious relationships. Sometimes, the important dates escape us.

Do you need a little last-minute gift? Here is a selection of illustrated cards to instant download and print directly at home! And if you need inspiration for the note, it’s right there!

No time to wrap gifts? Most of our creations are sold in lovely packaging, so no need for extra gift wrap!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your loved ones an amazing gift!