Hey Coucou! It's Enamoroo!
I'm here to help you romance your loved ones the french way! Make them smile with romantic ideas, sweet love notes, and meaningful gifts!

Hey there, it’s Enamoroo!

Creator of love tokens. Dealer of sweet nothings. Gold medalist for romance. Champion of finger-hearts!

But we’re friends now, so you can call me Emily 😉

If you’re right here on this website, it’s because I have a habit of making everyone teary-eyed with wedding toasts, love notes, and small tokens of love: handmade and printable greeting cards, and personalized gifts handmade in Alsace, France.

Dozens of people have already asked me if this is my job. I created Enamoroo so that I can say YES! But above all, I created Enamoroo to help you make your loved ones smile too!

Why? Well, I sincerely believe that Love can change the world for the better. And I believe it starts with you, and with the people who matter the most to you.

No, really, I can’t think of anything better to do with my life than to help you love even more those who give meaning to yours. Those with whom you want to share your best moments. The ones who give you courage and hope to get through the worst ones. The special people you made all your best memories with. And those with whom you want to create many, many more.

Now truly caring, making this love visible in all the right ways, nurturing your relationships, and making them last is not always so simple. You may have a hard time finding the right words, or you may feel you have no ideas, no energy, no time in your fast-paced life to figure it out. Making time and efforts for our loved ones is essential, and yet we all sometimes forget about it.

That’s where I come in!

My one and only goal: to give you all the keys so that you can make the hearts of your loved ones skip a beat… quickly and easily!

Enamoroo, the best resource for a love-filled life! French romance, love notes, and acts of kindness.

Need some ideas for little things you can do to show you care even if you’re so busy you barely have time to brush your teeth? Here are 50 acts of kindness and love, all of which can be done in 5 minutes or less! You’d like to write a sweet note to your partner for your first anniversary or your twentieth, but you’re stuck with the biggest case of blank page syndrome ever? Here you go. Invited to a wedding and looking for a meaningful gift for the lovely couple? It’s over there. And this is the way to go if you have to make a wedding toast 😉

Don’t feel like going out, but you still want to spend some quality time together? Go create romantic memories without ever leaving your living room!

What about other important relationships?

Love is love! Of course, we have that too! A sweet note for your mum, your best friend, or your colleague. Or 15 ideas to make your roommates smile.

I think you got it by now. If you’d like a love-filled life, you’re in the right place!

But Enamoroo is not just romantic tips and kind words, it’s also original creations, handmade by Mr. Enamoroo and me.

An Enamoroo gift is a handmade, personalized and deeply meaningful gift. More than a gift, it's a unique love token!

Personalized gifts you can’t find anywhere else: no dropshipping or mass production here!

An Enamoroo gift is not just like any other gift:

it’s a meaningful present, tender, unique, handmade locally (really, hyper locally…) by small french creators (Mr. Enamoroo and I) with quality materials.

Behind Enamoroo, there's a couple who's been in love since 2002! We've been a long-distance couple for 8 years before jumping straight to living together! We've been through it all, and we're experts at keeping the spark alive!

But beyond this, an Enamoroo gift is a token of love invented in collaboration with you to make this person you love smile!

Check out our love-filled, carefully crafted handmade gifts! Our gifts are personalized, meaningful and unique! They'll for sure make your loved ones smile!

In addition to the gifts, you will find printable cards with my original illustrations.

A downloadable card means you can get the PERFECT card at home in a few seconds, any time, day or night. And when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT: wedding congratulations for snail enthusiasts, a Christmas card for your girlfriend obsessed with corgis… You’ll find everything!

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can even order a personalized card here!

Printable greeting cards are the best! All our downloadable cards have been hand-drawn by me! They're unique original illustrations! Whether you need a birthday card or a Christmas one, for a birthday or an anniversary, to say congrats or to say sorry... you'll find the perfect card at Enamoroo!

Why the obsession with love notes? Because a few sweet and sincere words of appreciation on a pretty card will be read, again and again, for years to come, on happy days and on gloomy ones. A love note is a treasure.

This kind of small attention feeds and strengthens relationships. And I want you and your loved ones to love each other very, very, much and for a very, very long time 😉

In short, Enamoroo is the ultimate place to make your relationships grow through daily little things and occasional big gestures, in a simple, original, romantic, and fun way!

So if you want to make Love grow and never run out of ideas to make your loved ones smile, subscribe to the newsletter here! The last week of every month, you’ll receive exclusive resources, ideas to make your loved ones smile in the upcoming month, and even little bonus goodies!

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Enamoroo values: inclusivity, respect, and kindness! All couples are welcome here!

All couples are welcome here! It doesn’t matter who you’re in love with, whether you are a new couple or you have been together for decades, the only rule here is to love each other with mutual respect and kindness! All consenting adult couples are welcome here!

We believe that committed, healthy, stable, and lasting relationships are the key to Happiness. To be fully yourself with someone you love and trust, to have confidence and feel safe… to have someone by your side so you can support each other when it’s hard and share the good times, for whom to make efforts and surpass yourself… It’s a formidable force!

But Love is not only for couples! Here, we try to make our friends, family, and even strangers feel loved too! And it starts in the comments and on social media: on Enamoroo, there is a zero-tolerance rule for haters: constructive criticism and debates are welcome as long as they are expressed with respect and kindness. Aggressive, insulting, or deliberately offensive comments will be systematically deleted and access to the site may be revoked.

We are rigorous and neutral in the content we offer. The information provided in the advice articles is always cross-checked with reliable sources, and we write about specific topics with the help of professionals to provide you with the best possible content. We aim to bring you reliable and positive information.

However, we are neither able nor authorized to coach and help you with major difficulties. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship, if you have recurring worries or if you are in danger, contact professionals who can help you as soon as possible. Click here.